Workshop, 17/09/2018 (Monday), 14:00 - 18:00. Language: English

Interoperability based on IHE profiles

The workshop is addressed to managers of e-health projects and developers of e-health solutions.


Healthcare is a complex area where the interactions between various parties involved in providing the care for given patient is crucial for efficiency of this process.  The interactions require certain level of co-ordination and proper flow of information.

Interoperability of information systems in health IT has been critical issue for decades, and finally is addressed with the interoperability standards developed by health IT communities.

This workshop is the introduction to heritage of IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise) – the family of interoperability standards called IHE integration profiles.

  • IHE Overview and Questions & Answers
  • Introduction to IHE profiles
  • How to implement IHE profiles in your project?
  • Mastering in implementation of IHE Profies – training opportunity
  • Testing tools / CAS / Connectathon
  • Summary and Questions & Answers
Workshop trainers