Vincent van Pelt

Senior Advisor, Nictiz (the Netherlands)

Vincent van Pelt is a senior advisor at Nictiz, the Dutch healthcare ICT competence center. He is a physician with a drive to improve information exchange and cooperation between all relevant parties concerning the health issues of citizens.

He has worked in many fields of healthcare ICT and has a broad knowledge of both conceptual and technical topics. He is a member of IHE Netherlands, IHE international and HL7 Netherlands. He is co-author of the Guide to Interoperability between XDS Affinity Domains, and has been part of the EC projects Antilope and eStandards. Currently involved in deployment of a national contact point for eHealth.

Some of the programs he has worked on are: architecture for national infrastructure, national personal health environment programme, standardization of health information using clinical building blocks, structured reporting for oncology, implementation guidance of cross-community information exchange, workflow-driven information architectures, XDS metadata standardization, international patient summary.

Keywords: standardization, IHE, HL7 FHIR, MedMij personal health environment, oncology, interoperability, EC projects (Antilope, eStandards), ReEIF, CEN, NEN, DICOM, SNOMED, LOINC.

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