Tomasz Zdrojewski

Commission of Public Health in the Polish Academy of Sciences / Medical University of Gdansk

Tomasz Zdrojewski , M.D., Ph.D. Lecturer, clinician and scholar. Head of Dept Prevention at the Medical University of Gdańsk; consultant in the National Institute of Public Health – National Institute of Hygiene in Warsaw; Since 2012 Chair of Commission of Public Health in the Polish Academy of Sciences; Member of Scientific Board in the Ministry of Health; member of National Boards for cvd and geriatrics. In 1990’s scholar in Dept. Cardiol. at the Ohio State University, USA, and in Wuerzburg University, Germany; in 2014 in School of Public Health and Framingham Heart Study Unit at the Boston University. Since 1994 Dr. Zdrojewski is extensively dealing with clinical epidemiology, prevention, pharmacoeconomics, cvd modeling and health policy. In years 2002-2009 – Secretary of the National Programme for Prevention and Treatment of CVD POLKARD, in years 2006-2010 adviser in the Presidential Chancellery in Poland.

During the last decade Dr. Zdrojewski initiated and coordinated nationwide cross-sectional projects: NATPOL 2002 and 2011 (PI), WOBASZ 2004-2006 & 2013-2014 (regional coordinator), PolSenior Project 2007-2011, WOBASZ Senior, SEPHAR 2005 & 2012 in Romania (coauthor), and AMI-PL Registry (co-PI). Dr. Zdrojewski coordinated regional (SOPKARD 1999-2009, ZdP 2005-2013) and national interventional projects (Polish 400 Cities Project), as well as IMPACT-Pl analysis and EuroHeart 2 Project in Poland. In years 2011-2014 member of the Congress Programme Committee of the European Society of Cardiology. Dr Zdrojewski published as author or co-author more than 270 scientific papers and chapters in books.