Tadeusz Jędrzejczyk

Medical University of Gdansk

Tadeusz Jędrzejczyk works as an assistant professor at the Medical University of Gdańsk. He is an expert in healthcare organisation and public health, a lecturer and the author of numerous articles on healthcare financing and management, health care quality, applying new technologies, and health programmes. He co-authored several reports on coordinated care in primary care and management of university hospitals. He is also the Chairman of the Public Health Council to the Mayor of Gdańsk.

Tadeusz Jędrzejczyk is an active member of the Polish Society of Public Health and Social Medicine. He also serves as Deputy Chairman of the Pomeranian Branch of the Society.

In the past, he held managerial positions of Clinical Director of the University Clinical Centre in Gdańsk, Deputy Director for Medical Affairs of the regional branch of the National Health Fund, which he subsequently headed before being appointed as the President of National Health Fund from 2014 to 2016.