Szymon Chamuczyński

Director of Healthcare Mass Products Department Asseco Poland S.A.

Szymon Chamuczyński, currently the head of Asseco Poland’s Healthcare Mass Product Department, from the beginning of his professional career  is involved in healthcare IT projects.

He gained extensive experience in the field of implementing and creating medical software, starting his career path as an implementation consultant and  implementation manager (Radcomp S.A.), going through positions of PM, Projects Department manager (ABG S.A.) and chief of Healthcare Providers Department (Asseco Poland S.A.). He  managed implementation, service and development teams. He was involved in market launching of new software for hospitals that works now in more than 200 hospitals (Asseco Poland S.A.).

From the beginning of his career, Szymon Chamuczynski has been actively involved in research and development projects and is instantly interested in new technologies in the field of medical informatics. He managed Teleinformatics and Mobile Solutions Department in Asseco’s Healthcare Division (Asseco Poland S.A.).

Currently he manages Mass Products Department that creates IT solution for outpatient clinics and for patients.