Michał Czarnuch

Partner DZP

Michał provides advisory on the development of healthcare systems, including issues related to financing of healthcare services, formation and restructuring of medical entities, telemedicine and healthcare insurance.

He is one of initiators of Telemedyczna Grupa Robocza, a group of leading entities from the telemedical sector, which today operates as a Foundation Telemedyczna Grupa Robocza actively acting for the development of telemedicine in Poland.

Michał also specializes in administrative law focusing on pharmaceutical law (advertising of medicinal products, registration, reimbursement issues and medical devices), EU law and competition law.  Also provides support in the area of compliance in matters related to allegations of corruption (white-collar crimes).

He is involved in advising for sensitive industries, including pharmaceutical and FMCG sector (including alcohol and tobacco products).

Michał advises on the creation of medicinal product distribution and trade systems. He has taken part in works on the Reimbursement Act from the very beginning, participating in many discussions presenting the position of the industry, writing legal opinions on the Act, providing numerous trainings and conferences.