Evangelia (Lila) Stavropoulou

Member of the Health Workforce Planning Committee of the 3rd European Health Parliament

Having recently being voted a Top50 global health technology influencer, Lila is currently working with startups, NGOs and SMEs in digital health and tech projects. She is a member of the Health Workforce Planning Committee of the 3rd European Health Parliament, an Ambassador for the World Health Innovation Summit and since 2016, she is part of the social media ambassador program of HIMSS Europe. Willing to make a difference in the future of global and public health, she manages the External Affairs team of the Global Health Next Generation Network, a volunteer organization, based in Barcelona, Spain, focused on empowering the next generation of global health professionals.

As a business consultant and a corporate communication scientist, she collaborates with the eHealth Forum, as a regional account manager for Turkey and the Middle East, developing new partnerships to increase collaboration on eHealth projects around the world. In addition, she has recently joined the marketing team of a tech startup in Los Angeles, USA called Behavioral Signals which bridges the emotional gap between humans & machines by developing emotionally intelligent conversations with AI.

Ms Stavropoulou’s academic background is in Communication and Media. She holds a Master of Research in Corporate Communication and Strategy from the University of Lorraine, in France and a BA in Communication and Mass Media from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece, and a number of certifications of postgraduate programs in pharmaceuticals, marketing and health literacy.

Find her on Twitter as @l_stavropoulou or drop her a line at lila@designerbrothers.org