Paweł Żuk

CEO Centrum Medyczno-Diagnostycznego (Medical and Diagnostic Centre, MDC)

He has been a cardiologist for 20 years,  a graduate of the Medical University in Poznań, Poland. He is highly involved in preventive care and pro-health education on cardiac and metabolic diseases, as well as taking care  among the chronically ill patients with cardiovascular diseases through implementation of individually adjusted treatment plan.

Paweł has been the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Centrum Medyczno-Diagnostycznego (Medical and Diagnostic Centre, MDC) for 20 years.  The company is a group of outpatient clinics, which are territorially widespread in the region (34 locations and over 84 thou of patients under the PHC).   He is a member of a Research & Development Team in MDC.

He is involved in work for new organizational model of Primary Health Care.  He is responsible for a process improvement strategy, for designing a better through-flow of patients along a defined pathway. His practices in the organization are concentrating on providing truly people-centred services that promote health.  Paweł is a co-author of the crucial projects implemented in the MDC that are based on integrated care ideas: (1) systematic diagnostic procedure among adult population in order to perform  general screening examination as Health Check-Ups concerning oncology and chronic disorders, (2) Diagnosis Related Groups –permanent, integrated and systemic model of care.

Paweł is a member of Polish Cardiac Society, European Society of Cardiology. He is a Vice Chief Executive Officer of the East Chamber in Commerce.